Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Starting at left tackle #79

DISCLAIMER: If you consider yourself overweight or obese I in NO WAY mean to offend you when I write this blog. This is merely myself venting over my own personal struggles with how I look and how I feel. If you feel good in your own skin then praise God and I am happy for you!!

I don't think I have ever felt this disgusted with how I look and feel. Normally I have been fairly confident on how I looked, but right now I've gone too far. I was okay being a few pounds over weight, and I actually could suck my gut in at times and actually think, "hey I look skinny." but those days are long gone. Sucking the gut requires to much energy, and doesn't accomplish anything! I never wanted to get to this point. I never wanted to get to the point that I am writing a blog about my weight and my self image, but it's here.

I always imagined myself as that dad that their kids wanted to play sports with, because I was as good as their friends or better. Right now at age 3 my son could beat me at a lot of sports, because I am so out of shape. But I am hear to tell you that's all about to change! I have never been more determined to get healthy. I finally have reached that point that I can't make anymore excuses.

Just so you know I have been writing this blog for a couple weeks. I didn't really know what to say or if anyone would even care that I am writing this, but I don't care if you do or not. I am writing this blog for me. I am putting this on the World Wide Web, because it's accountability that will only help continue to fuel the fire.

So what I plan on doing for a little while with my blog is to keep you posted on how I am doing on the scale. Just so you know I want to loose 60-70 pounds. I know some of you are sitting there thinking, you don't have that much to lose. A) You are just being nice and B) at 291 pounds yes I do have a lot to lose.

Two weeks ago I tipped the scales at 291. I am 9 pounds away from being the ideal Offensive lineman weight in the NFL. Bad thing is I don't football anymore, and don't care too. That number scared me, because A) that's the fattest I have EVER been, and B) honestly I would have never guessed I weighed that much. It's almost as if I had talked myself into being okay with being overweight. When that number popped up my heart sunk. I felt defeated. I felt disgusted.

that's a terrible photoshop job, but you get the joke

Anyway the good news is this. That number woke me up. I could no longer hide the fact that I am obese, so that's why I am doing something about it.

What am I doing about it? Two weeks ago I also started INSANITY. The dvd workout series with the Hip Hop Abs guy Shaun T, and so far it's the worse thing I have ever done. I have never been more sore and more tired after a workout, but it is finally starting to feel good after I work out. I can actually see it paying off too. This past Friday I had my first weigh in and I weighed 275.5. I had dropped 15.5 pounds in about 10 days. WHOOOO!! Some people are saying man that weight is falling off of you easily, but there is nothing easy about what I am doing. Matter of fact it's quiet the opposite.

Anyway I plan on keeping up with my blog through this whole getting healthy thing, so come back and see how I am removing myself from the offensive line. I hope this blog might even inspire others that need get healthy too.

I'm outty 5000


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