Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hmmm..I never took you for a blogger.

This is my first blog, and this will basically be an infomercial about me.

I want to let you know right out of the gate I am very complex, but yet very simple person to get to know. My wife will attest that I have many moments where I am more of a woman than she is, so hence the complexity. For example, I LOVE fashion. I love everything about fashion. I love that it can be what you make it to be. I have a friend, who recently said, you can be inspired by the scenes of your personal world to help create your fashion. That is why I love fashion. My only advice is, stay relevant, but more importantly just put something on and WEAR it like YOU would wear it, and forget what other people say about what you have on.

Also, I love being creative. My outlet is music, acting, and poetry, but I love creativity in its simplest form. I love playing with my 2 year old son and watching him create scenarios with his toys. I love watching those wheels of his start turning with Buzz Lightyear in one hand and Woody in the other. Usually what happens is Buzz flies around the room and Woody will ride on his back, but it's so cool to see him think about what adventure Buzz and Woody are going to do next.

I can remember at a very young age this same creativeness being harvested in my life. I was one of those kids that if He-Man was on TV, I was dressing and acting like He-Man.
(yes I did find a pair of grassy underwear to look like He-man)

If football was on the TV, I was in my football attire acting out each play in front of my very annoyed father. I remember at that age I loved acting and playing the parts of other people.

With this creativeness running wild like Will Ferrell in Talledaga Nights, it is hard to turn that off. I am always thinking about music and the arts, and how I can get better at those things. This at times makes me a complex person to talk to and to understand.

Now the simple side of my life is much easier to understand. I live by a code. It is a simple code that all men should live by. It doesn't take much to live by this code, and I think most women would appreciate you more if you lived by this code. I call it the John Wayne code AKA the Duke code.

The premise behind this code is very simple; men always ask yourselves before doing something, "Would John Wayne do this?" Kind of like WWJD, but not. Now I understand that if you stuck to exactly how John Wayne lived his life you would end up being a beer guzzling, chain smoker, and I personally do not promote that life style. What I am getting at is that you should live like a man's man. For example, men if you’re thinking about going to the tanning bed...don't. If you feel like you need to get a probably shouldn't. If you’re a single guy thinking about purchasing a dog, and the qualities you’re looking for in that dog are small enough to fit in my man purse, you probably should just be lonely. If you feel like waxing your chest hair off...don't. Now, there are exceptions to the last one. If you look like Chewbacca or if your chest looks like Tina Turner is pitching a tent on it, then you’re good.


Also, if you’re an Olympic swimmer then I understand, but unless you fall into those categories then just leave it.

You see this code is very simple, and yes I myself break the code all the time. (See paragraph about fashion and I am now a blogger) But what this code does for me as a man is it set boundaries for social do's and don’ts. You will never hear a woman say man that guy is just too much man for me. Most women are looking for that provider in their life. She is looking for that stable concrete figure that will not get rattled when the rubber meets the road. When my wife said "I do" she wanted a man to continue to show up, not some self proclaimed metro sexual who gets a "Mani" and a "Pedi" more than she does. I'm just saying.

So, this is kind of me in a nutshell. Most of my blogs will be useless and funny, but some of them will not be a total waste of you time. I'm outty 5000

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